Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Kiddos Updates - Birthdays & Milestones

I've done a terrible job documenting the kids milestones lately as I'm a little more than busy. They keep my hands, feet and mind going strong all day long into the night lately as a few are fighting sleep.

Let's start with the oldest, Miss Isla Rae. Our big 5 year old!
Wow, I can't believe she is 5. Isla is my sidekick. She has the sweetest heart. Always helping, thinking of others and doing everything she can to put a smile on my face.
For our sweet girl's big birthday milestone, we visited Great Wolf Lodge on her birthday. She LOVED it! We all did. We were in the water for two straight days, celebrating with late nights, cake and yummy mac-n-cheese (one of Isla's favorites). Emery came along with us as well and it was so much fun for Isla to have a partner to do all the fun slides with.
We spent the summer going to parks, museums, libraries, pools and the Discovery place.
This week, we started her official first day of Kindergarten at home! Homeschool is our newest adventure and I can tell she is going to excel at it like she does so many things.
She has a deep love for cooking, art, singing, learning and Jesus. She makes my days so sweet!

Our little Laylin Jane just turned 3! This comes as a shock to most people we meet as she weighs a whooping 22lbs. But oh, she makes up for it in personality. There is nothing little about this girls strength, will and fierceness.
Laylin's birthday was a week+ celebration. We got to celebrate with the Jones family at the beach with a little party, then continued the celebration with the Bradbury family at one of Laylin's favorite places, Chuck-e-Cheese. On the day of her birthday, we had a small party at home, went out for ice cream and she went to Bible school where the whole VBS crowd sang happy birthday to her on stage! And guess what....she wasn't the least bit shy!
Our sweet little firecracker's favorite color is pink, she loves to change clothes 10+ times a day, she is hungry 24/7 for snacks and loves her siblings fiercely.

My little heartbreaker Jonas Finn is on the brink of taking his first step. Last week he started standing without holding on to anything. He's already improved his balance in just a few short days. He is nearly almost smiling. He recently got his first cold and even through being sick, he continues to have a smile on his face. He is such a light! He loves wrestling with Laylin, playling peek-a-boo and watching Isla. He's constantly on the go, but I love how he still loves to be snuggled by me.

These kids keep me busy and mostly crazy from sun up to sun down, but the simple blessings they pour out on me daily are irreplaceable. I thank God for calling me to be their mommy, chef, maid, caretaker, chauffeur,  nurse and teacher. It's a heavy weight some days, but such an incredible calling!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

JoJo Jonas!

Sweet baby boy. Our JoJo is growing up so quickly! This week he started pulling himself up to a standing position. He's all over the place when he's on the floor and his crawling skills keep getting faster and faster.

He loves to play in the floor with his sisters, eat and take a bath. He's such a content easy-going baby. He just folds right in with all our daily activities and makes our lives so much sweeter. From sun up to sun down, Isla and Laylin are loving on him, fighting over who holds him and tending to his every need.

He is still my cuddle bear and I am holding on to every minute of it.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jonas Finn 4 Month Recap

I have never held a more snugly baby than Jonas. I call him my little koala bear. He holds on to me so tight and his little cuddly body just mushes in to mine. I've had less time to sit and hold him as I did with Isla and even Laylin, but that's made our snuggles even sweeter.

He is such a pleasant little guy. Barely fusses for me and when he does, it's been pretty easy to detect what's bugging him. He manages his reflux really well and seems to always be happy. He smiles so much.

At 4 months old, he weighs 15lbs and 1.2oz. He is in the 54% for weight and 59% for height at 255.5 inches long. He was my smallest baby length wise at only 18inches new but is growing so well! He's mostly wearing 6 month clothes now, but has started wearing some 9 months sizes. He drools a lot and loves to make spit bubbles.

He brings so much joy to everyone in our house. Both girls are so in love with him. They constantly want to kiss, bounce, hold and talk to him. (Which means I can never leave him unattended with them!)

Laylin will say "Baby happy at me" when Jonas smiles at her. Isla swears Jonas talks to her. Maybe they have their very own special language.

At 3 months old he rolled over from his belly onto his back. He's yet to accomplish rolling from back to belly but he's trying everyday and Isla is even getting down in the floor to show him how to do it and cheer him on. He also started laughing out loud at 3 months old and does it with out much effort now. At first it was over a tickle he laughed, now I can just talk to him and he laughs. He loves it when I sling my hair around while I'm diapering him. I imagine I do look pretty funny, but it makes him happy so who cares, right?!

He started really smiling at 2 months old. It was more because he recognized my face and intentional than the smiles we saw before.

He does well with the bottle, is usually content in his bouncer seat and recently started sitting more in the bumbo.

He's always had great head and neck control and is so STRONG!

We love our little cuddly, snugly, smiley, sweet guy so so much!