Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mommy's lil cutie

You are doing so many cute things at nearly one year old! 

At 11 months, you are a really good walker! Its so cute to watch you walk. You can get around quickly now and rarely ever chose to crawl. When you walk, you do not bend your knees. Instead, you throw your little legs out in front of your body and walk with your legs stiff. You keep your balance very well and no longer are you as cautious as you were just two short weeks ago. 

You like to blow bubbles, which has taught you to blow all the time. It’s so cute! You pucker your lips up and make the cutest fish face and then lightly blow air into my face. So sweet!

You say, “shhh” a lot! You sort of whisper it too. You do it a lot while you’re playing or deep in thought.

For the most part, you’ve become a good eater of table food. You are picky, but picky in the sense of you like to eat all of the same food at once and then move on to the next option. It’s adorable to watch you pick out all your green beans, then move on to the kiwi, next the quinoa and so on. You also have great dexterity! 

You like to give kisses. Love those big wet ones!

You are very loving. You pat and rub me at night when it’s time to settle down and you’ve really grown to love hugs… which mommy loves too. XOXO

What a growing girl you are. You bring so much love and pure joy to my life. Thank you for making mommy feel so loved, special and needed. I love you sweet girl!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad.

I am so grateful to have spent another year with you, to have a father like you and for EVERYTHING you do for us. I consider myself so fortunate to have been blessed with a father like you.

You understand. You are always understanding of my situations and are so easy for me to come to and talk about anything and everything. It is so comforting. You never judge me, but always give good sound advice. I know I can always count on you and that is so reassuring.

You are giving. I have never met someone who gives to their children so selflessly. You and mom make us feel so loved and important. We are so appreciative of everything you do for us. The time you dedicate towards helping us and everything you give us.

You are fun. I always look forward to seeing you. We have a very special bond and I always feel at home when we are together. You have a light heart and I can always count on you for a good laugh.

You are so important to me and I thank God for blessing me with such a good father. Happy Birthday Dad. I hope you know today and always how much you are loved and admired. I will always be your little girl. I love you.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cute things you are doing…

Mimicking. You love picking up the phone or remote and holding it up to your ear. You are such a mimicker and you love phones and remotes! (Don’t worry, mommy cleans them and takes the batteries out before you play with them) Lately, you have been holding the phone up to your ear and listening. Sometimes you’ll even talk back saying “huh, huh” – which I think is your version of hello. You do it with remotes too, but in your defense they do look a lot alike.

Kisses. Lately you have been so affectionate and I absolutely adore it! You lean over close, rub your nose against mine and plop a big wet one right on my mouth. It’s always messy, but worth the slobber. I think you love doing it because of my reaction.

Giggling. You are very giggly these days. You get cracked up at the slightest thing… funny faces, noises or kisses on your feet. It’s so cute to see you laughing now that you have your two top teeth. I love those little teeth! So sweet.

Chasing. You love to chase mommy and be chased. You try to crawl as fast as you can to get away and then belly dive on the ground once you’re caught. Then, you’ll turn around and try to chase mommy. It’s such a fun game.

Pointing. You love to point your little tiny finger at mommy and for me to point mine back. You crack up when we touch our fingers together. It’s so funny… reminds me of the movie ET. You also love to point your finger and say “no, no, no” – This you learned at daycare as all the other kids do this. 

You are doing so many cute things at 11 months. I've enjoyed every stage with you this past year and can't believe my sweet baby is about to be 1!