Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Calling all Moms! Need your help...

We’re headed to the doctor for our 24 week appointment tomorrow morning bright and early and we're also trying to decide a couple things…

A)     Do we want to give birth at a hospital or at the birthing center?
B)     What birth plan is right for us? (We just started HypBirth, but we're also reading about the Bradley Method as well.)

It’s also very important for us to have a natural delivery if at all possible. We’ve come up with a list of questions, wants/needs (possible demands ;) ) below. Let me know if you would recommend any other questions to consider or have any overall input for a new mommy-to-be. :)

  1. We would like to have a natural birth, with no drugs if possible. (no pitocin, epidural, stadol and no episiotomy)
  2.  Can I eat and drink during labor?
  3.  We would like to avoid being induced unless it is absolutely necessary. Do you use cervadil or cytotec?
  4.  I would like to be able to be mobile and not confined to the bed during the entire labor process. Is this possible?
  5. Can I get a Hep Lock so that I can move around without the pole? (ie. only have to be hooked to the pole when I am getting IV fluids.)
  6. Do I have to deliver lying flat on my back?
  7. What percentage of your patients require cesarean sections?
  8. For which situations do you most commonly perform a cesarean section?
  9. I would like the baby placed immediately on my chest after birth and cord clamping delayed. Is this doable?
  10. Can I nurse my baby immediately?
  11. Will I be separated from my baby at any time following delivery?
  12. We would only like for our baby to have the necessary shots following birth.( ie.Vitamin K and Hep B are debatable)
Looking forward to your feedback!

Friday, January 27, 2012


I love free stuff and now with a baby on the way my interest in freebies has grown exponentially. Recently I was able to score a free baby carrier, pack of chemical-free diapers, wipes and family cleaning kit (detergent, baby shampoo, lotion, healing balm and soap) with only paying a minimal shipping fee.

I got the baby carrier or baby sling from a site called Seven Slings by using the promo code "FAMILY2012". The baby sling is normally $48 and I made out only paying $11 for shipping. They also have a ton of fun fabrics to choose from. I personally loved the Northern Lights and Caramel Latte fabric. It fit well and I'm excited to use it!

I ordered the chemical-free diapers and family cleaning kit today from a site called Honest.com. I got over $100 worth of baby stuff for only $4.95 shipping cost. Given, I do have to cancel my membership with them within 7 days of receiving the items, but I had a friend do this and she had raving reviews regarding their items and customer service. I look forward to getting these items soon and updating everyone.

I'm sure everyone else has come across some great freebies as well. If anyone else has any online freebies to share, I would love to hear about it! Please comment if so.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some things are priceless...

I try to call my grandpa often. He is a man of few words around strangers, but he is the BEST story teller with family and friends. He has a way of making the simplest story hilarious and he will have you hanging on to every word just waiting for the story’s ending. 

I’ve noticed lately, he always tells me he loves me. Maybe he has always done this and I took it for granted or maybe as he has gotten older he just wants me to know he loves me.  

I didn’t even realize how much he cares for me until this past year. I feel like we’ve grown closer in the last few years and we talk often since my mamaw passed. This Christmas was particularly special to me because his gift to me was priceless. 

Joel and I had wanted a factory cart table like the one at Restoration Hardware. Yeah I know, I can’t believe they are selling for over $1000 either! I had seen these when I was growing up and I knew they were fairly common in my home town. I asked my papaw about it over the summer and he laughed. He couldn’t believe I wanted to use an old factory cart as a coffee table and he really couldn’t believe they were selling for so much. Especially since he had just bought two for $15!

He said, “What do you want with that old thing? It’s dirty and old.” He had two motors spread out on his carts and he was using them as work stations, probably what their best used for. I told him we just liked the look of them and asked him if he would keep an eye out for more. He said he would.

We really hadn’t thought too much more about it. When I went home for Christmas, I learned he had a surprise for me. At this point, I had forgotten all about our conversation regarding the cart table. He took me in his shop and there it was. A cart table, but not just any old cart table, a hand-made cart table. Hand-made with my papaw’s hands.

He had been working on it for weeks and said he had never made anything like that before. He got most of the wood (pine and cherry) from his land. Land that I grew up spending so much time on. Land that I love. The back wheels on the cart are antique, and some of the parts he used, like the axle, came off of my dad’s old race car. The piece is irreplaceable to me. 

I will forever cherish this table. It means so much to me that my grandpa made it and I couldn’t be more proud to display it in our home. I’m looking forward to posting pictures of the table soon once my parents deliver it. Stay tuned for updates!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My flower girl...

Macie Quinn amazes me… I never knew what an impact my little niece would have on my life, but ever since she came into the world, my world has gotten a little better. 

First of all, she is hilarious. I laugh all the time when I’m around her. She has a wild imagination that makes you want to be a child again, but yet she has a grown up understanding of so many things beyond her years.   

 She is extremely smart and talented. There aren’t many words she cannot say clearly and she is already reading, counting, adding, spelling and the list goes on. She has a full list of songs that she will gladly sing upon your first request, and it doesn’t matter who is in the room to hear her. I have yet to see her get bashful. She is tender hearted just like me and some would say we're both slightly dramatic... It’s addicting to want to be around her because she and Emery always brighten my day. 

But the thing that draws me to Macie the most is her endearing love for everyone around her. I always knew I wanted to be a momma one day, but she helped confirm that. Bobby and Alexas have done an amazing job raising a beautiful little girl.

Macie Quinn, I love you!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All natural...hopefully!

We recently decided we’re going to try to have baby girl naturally, with no epidural or drugs. We have been reading The Bradley Method, which I would highly recommend, and I also ordered the HypnoBirth DVDs this week. I’ve read amazing reviews about both The Bradley Method and HypnoBirth. So I figure you can’t go wrong applying both methods!

We’re also looking into different places to have baby Bradbury. Our current doctor and midwife are tied to CMC Pineville, but we’re also looking at Carolina Community Maternity Center. One of the most important points of The Bradley Method is to have minimal distractions. I know in the hospital there will be lots of distractions… compared to the birth center where there seems to be more freedom. I know there are pros and cons to both so we plan to tour both and then hopefully make a final decision before my third trimester.

The Bradley Method is also husband coached, so it is probably going to be very interesting and comical to look back on. I pray God gives Joel strength because Lord knows he will need it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Member of the Family

Dear Baby B.,

Today, we were blessed with the arrival of your cousin, Brooks Matthew Dean. He entered the world at 4:07am. I am told he has a tuft of brown hair and weighs 7lbs 15 ounces. I also hear he is a very sleepy baby so far. Aunt Ginger and Brooks are both doing well and Landon is very excited to have a little brother.

We can't wait for you to meet him and all your cousins. You're going to have so many playmates waiting on you. Sleep tight and continue growing! You're going to need all your strength when you enter this world to keep up with all your cousins. 


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back where I come from…

When I was 18, I couldn’t wait to get out of my small town. I felt I had seen all it had to offer more than once, and I was ready to experience new territory.

When I left, there wasn’t much looking back, as I was ready to embark on my own journey. After a couple years away and some new experiences under my belt, I began to think about my small town in a different way. Something was changing… when I came back to visit my parents, I wasn’t just focused on getting there and getting back to my life. I started to notice my surroundings, the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains (shown in the picture to the right taken in Ashe County near Jefferson), the friendliness of the town and everyone you pass by on the street, the small shops, the community and the fresh air. All the things that I had somewhat took for granted growing up, or didn’t know to appreciate.

The temperature immediately changes just as you reach the top of the mountain and go under the Blue Ridge Parkway Bridge that I like to call a tunnel. I always make Joel beep the horn so I can hear it echo as we pass through. The roads are curvy and fun to drive on, even when the other cars are driving slowly, “Sunday drivers” as my dad likes to call them. Everything slows down and the one thing I wanted so badly to get away from I can’t wait to get back to.  There is something wonderful about growing up in a small town. 

I’m from Lansing, NC, a one stop-light town, that while small, has all the necessities one could need. There’s a small grocery store, church, bank, post office, hardware store, restaurant, a handful of shops, a newly built walking trail and when I was growing up, that’s where the school (now a haunted house) was too. Lansing is located in Ashe County, known for Ashe County Cheese, Arts & Crafts, The Frescoes and the place where I used to work in high school, New River Outfitters. The population of the actual town of Lansing was 151 people in 2000 compared to Charlotte’s 700,000+. Charlotte is still considered a small city, but it’s a huge difference from what I was accustomed to. 

The thing I love about Lansing the most is the sense of community. Growing up in a place with such a small population, everyone knew one another and when there was a family in need, a lost loved one or a joyous occasion, there were many families and neighbors there to provide support in whatever way needed. My church family was like my family and our neighbors were our friends. Living in a small town shaped me into the person I am today, and I wouldn't change a thing. I think I'll always be a small town girl at heart.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Like the love that let us share our name...

I’m so proud of my brother. He has always been more like a second dad than a sibling. Growing up, we rarely got into arguments or fights and he was always looking out for me. Waiting for me on the bus and helping me off the bus, helping me down the stairs (I fell down every family member’s stairs growing up), helping me trick-or-treat, helping me eat the vegetables I didn’t like so I could get down from the table, helping me ward off pestering boys, consoling me when I did something wrong or got in trouble and giving me great advice through the years.

I’ve always looked up to my brother for so many things like his caring nature and work ethic. As he became a father I saw more and more exceptional qualities shine through. I noticed he always puts God first in everything he does. It seems like such a simple thing to do, but it’s so easy sometimes as we go about our busy lives to forget to do this. He prays about all his situations and prays for God’s will not his own. He teaches his children to pray, about the bible and the importance of Jesus. He trusts in God completely and knows that no matter what the situation, God will provide. 

Growing up, I looked up to him as a big brother, now, I look up to him as a Christian, as a parent and as a person I want to be more like. 

Recently, he started teaching himself how to play the banjo. I’ve been trying out different types of music for the baby to see if I get more of a response or kick for one genre or the other. This morning I tried blue grass and she kicked the whole time. Hopefully Bobby can pick her a tune or two by the time she gets here. 

I love you brother.  “Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.”

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's okay to let some things go…

Joel never ceases to amaze me. We complement each other so well. It’s amazing how well he balances me out and I’d like to think I give him the extra motivation he needs from time to time. 

Anyone who really knows me knows that I can get stressed out easily and am a perfectionist. Hole in my shirt? I won’t wear it until it’s fixed. Dishes in the sink? I won’t rest until their done. Dirty floors? Have to clean them now! 

Joel on the other hand doesn’t let much of anything stress him out, and he isn’t worried about things being perfect, ever… It makes me stop and realize that nothing in this world is ever really perfect and that is the way God intended it to be. Joel brings me back to reality and helps me focus on the important things in life. He has taught me to let the little things go… which was not an easy task. Things I used to get so worked up about like cleaning, house projects, laundry, etc. I’ve learned will always be there for me to do tomorrow. 

I used to have a constant “To Do List” that seemed exhausting and defeating because it was continuous and never fully complete. Now, I’m learning to take things day by day. Do what I can, feel a sense of accomplishment in what I’ve achieved in the day (no matter how small) and enjoy each and every day!  

Don’t get me wrong… I still love it when we’re both motivated to get things done and being productive, but I also love the sense of calmness Joel has helped me achieve in letting some things go. 

What a blessing to have someone bring such a balance to my life! I couldn’t imagine it if we were both as high strung as me!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Baby B. is really moving around in her new space.  She had her debut on the big screen last week. We got to see her moving around in all sorts of positions, stretching her tiny legs out and making fists.  It looked like she was doing jazzercise in there! We even got to see her little foot print which forever made an imprint on our hearts.  I’m starting to feel her move more and more now, and hopefully Joel will be able to feel her kick soon.

We both got a great report from my doctor. Both baby girl and I are healthy and developing well! So far I’ve gained 3lbs and the baby weighs 12 ounces. The baby is trending 3 days ahead of schedule, so only time will tell when the actual arrival will be. I know realistically it’s too early to tell, but I already think she has Joel’s mouth shape. She's even sucking on her bottom lip in some of the clips.

See for yourself! Hope you enjoyed the big reveal! Can’t wait to continue sharing updates on our little blessing.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby boy or girl countdown...

Today, we're going to the doctor for our 20 week appointment. Which means, we get to see our little guy or gal on the big screen! We are beyond excited to see our baby in motion! We plan to have the ultrasound technician place the gender results in an envelope, and then open it together at dinner tonight.

We have another special announcement planned for our family and friends, so stay tuned!

Let the countdown to the big reveal begin!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Baby B,

I can’t wait to meet you. The anticipation is building up already and I’m only halfway there. My belly has started to show more this week and I can feel you moving around and snuggling into your new space for the next twenty weeks. Only twenty more weeks (maybe less, maybe a few days more), until I get to see your sweet face and hold your tiny hand in mine. Maybe we will share the same birthday on May 31st or maybe you will be born on our anniversary day, May 29th.  I can't hardly wait for you to arrive…but I’ll have to and until then I’ll be getting ready for your arrival.

Your mommy’s a planner so hopefully everything will be done before you get here! I’ve already started a registry for you and I am planning out ideas for your nursery. I’m going to make sure your car seat is securely installed ahead of time, the house is clean, our bags are packed and we have a stocked fridge for your arrival. I’ve also started making a list of sweet songs that I want to welcome you into this world with and practicing my singing voice so I can sing you lullaby’s.

I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. You will undoubtedly be my greatest accomplishment.

Love you,


p.s. I can't wait to sing this song to you...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

This year’s celebration was a little different than past years. It was quiet and quaint, which I enjoyed! We played Balderdash to ring in the New Year at my parent’s home in the mountains and I would highly recommend this game. We had a blast! I can’t believe its 2012 already. Where does the time go? It seems like in a blink of an eye an entire year has passed!

2011 was a big year for us. A year full of blessings! We got married, we were both blessed with promotions and we found out we are expecting. I’m looking forward to 2012.  I know 2012 is going to bring many more milestones like the birth of our baby. Just a few more days and we get to see our sweet thing in motion! Please keep us in your prayers. Happy New Year!