Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some things are priceless...

I try to call my grandpa often. He is a man of few words around strangers, but he is the BEST story teller with family and friends. He has a way of making the simplest story hilarious and he will have you hanging on to every word just waiting for the story’s ending. 

I’ve noticed lately, he always tells me he loves me. Maybe he has always done this and I took it for granted or maybe as he has gotten older he just wants me to know he loves me.  

I didn’t even realize how much he cares for me until this past year. I feel like we’ve grown closer in the last few years and we talk often since my mamaw passed. This Christmas was particularly special to me because his gift to me was priceless. 

Joel and I had wanted a factory cart table like the one at Restoration Hardware. Yeah I know, I can’t believe they are selling for over $1000 either! I had seen these when I was growing up and I knew they were fairly common in my home town. I asked my papaw about it over the summer and he laughed. He couldn’t believe I wanted to use an old factory cart as a coffee table and he really couldn’t believe they were selling for so much. Especially since he had just bought two for $15!

He said, “What do you want with that old thing? It’s dirty and old.” He had two motors spread out on his carts and he was using them as work stations, probably what their best used for. I told him we just liked the look of them and asked him if he would keep an eye out for more. He said he would.

We really hadn’t thought too much more about it. When I went home for Christmas, I learned he had a surprise for me. At this point, I had forgotten all about our conversation regarding the cart table. He took me in his shop and there it was. A cart table, but not just any old cart table, a hand-made cart table. Hand-made with my papaw’s hands.

He had been working on it for weeks and said he had never made anything like that before. He got most of the wood (pine and cherry) from his land. Land that I grew up spending so much time on. Land that I love. The back wheels on the cart are antique, and some of the parts he used, like the axle, came off of my dad’s old race car. The piece is irreplaceable to me. 

I will forever cherish this table. It means so much to me that my grandpa made it and I couldn’t be more proud to display it in our home. I’m looking forward to posting pictures of the table soon once my parents deliver it. Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. I can't wait to see it! I never made it to the shop to look at it...did you see the peanut machine he got the girls? He was in the (awesome and thoughtful)gift giving spirit this year!