Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A birthday to remember...

Isla turned two on June 4th, but we had her party on Sunday, June 1st. All of our family came to celebrate our little nugget becoming a big girl. Her party was Care Bear themed. She loves the Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake right now.

It was a beautiful day and we all had a blast! She got lots of goodies for her birthday including a tricycle, helmet, clothes, shoes, pajamas, tutu, puzzles, books and princess attire. She was beyond excited to open presents and she had more sugar in a matter of an hour than she had ever had before! Since her party, her new favorite thing is marshmallows so we are using them as prizes for potty training... which is going really well so far.

Here's some pictures from her birthday celebration...

On her actual birthday, we had a relaxing morning together and then she went to school for a few hours to celebrate with cupcakes with all her school friends. I picked her up late morning and we went uptown to have lunch with dad. She got another special treat of pizza, and decided she didn't have enough cheese so she poured dad's cheese from his salad on her pizza... looks delicious, huh?

We had a picnic in the park and then she played with all cool structures, bells and water fountains around the park.

We then had naptime, and played outside for the rest of the day. We had a great dinner together as a family and sang happy birthday to our little "baby" one last time for this year. She blew out her candle and loved eating cake. It was a very special day to all of us.

I still can't believe it's been more than two years since I first held her in my arms the first minute of her life. Time flies by so quickly and we feel so blessed to have been given the gift of parenthood these past two years! Can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with Isla Rae!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Isla!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet girl, Isla Rae!

These past two years have been filled with sleepless nights, new challenges, unknown strength and patience and most importantly a love and joy that I never knew existed. A love that is so powerful and fulfilling. A love that has made me a better person and shown me the love God has for me. I have laughed through the tears and laughed until I cried on multiple occasions. These past two years have been the happiest years of my life yet and I am so incredibly grateful God has blessed me with the honor of being this very special little girl's momma. 

Isla's first two years have been so special, eye-opening and full of life! She has such a big personality and a lot of love for everyone. 

At TWO years old, she loves to sing, dance, give hugs and hand hugs, play with her baby dolls, boss Bella around, be outside, run and her newest loves are her high heel shoes and bicycle. 

Happy happy birthday Isla Rae, I love you to the moon...and back!

Monday, June 2, 2014


On this day two years ago, my body was getting ready to go into labor. I started laboring with Isla around 6:30 pm, but she didn't make her debut until the 4th, two days later.

I can't believe it's been two years already. It's so emotional to think about. It seems when you want something to hurry up and get here, time goes by so slow. But when you want the hours, days and years to last forever, they go by in a blink of an eye.

These past two years have been the best years of my life so far. Filled with unimaginable joy, laughter, challenges and strength. God has opened my eyes and heart to a new found love. An unbreakable love I share with my husband as we parent and partner together on everything. An unconditional love I have with my daughter... as even on her hardest days, I know deep down, I will look back on these days as the best ones of my life. What amazing gifts He has blessed me with!

Isla's first two years have been such a learning experience for me too. I've learned so much about her and Joel, but also so much more about myself. I've learned I have more strength and patience than I ever thought possible. I've learned I can go on a very small amount of sleep and still manage to function. I've learned the value of "me" time. I've learned about a love I never knew before. I've learned how much my own mother loves me. I've learned more about God's unconditional love for me. I've felt a greater sense of compassion, gratitude and empathy. Children open our lives to seeing so much more if we allow ourselves to be truly present and engaged in the moments.

Twice, I was told by doctors that I would have fertility issues and likely be unable to carry a baby on my own without medical assistance. God has prevailed and reigns in my life. He has answered our prayers with not just one pregnancy, but two. As I feel baby #2 kick in my belly, I'm reminded of His love, blessings and power.

Psalm 113:9

He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD.