Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Favorites of the Bradbury girls...

My girls are growing and changing so much every day. There are so many things I love about each of their stages/ages.

I'll start with Isla who is 2 years and nearly 4 months old...
  • She calls popcorn, "copcorn"
  • How she shouts "fireman" every time the fireworks display over the castle before a Disney movie
  • The way she says yellow, "llellow" using no y at all 
  • Her favorite word is, marvelous and she throws her hand over her head with a big expression when she says it.
  • She loves wearing her dress up high heels. Its usually the first thing she does when she gets home... takes her normal shoes off and puts on her heels. She LOVES shoes!
  • She tells me, "I love you sooooooooo much" often. She will point to her little eye, then cross her arms over her chest and then point to me. She did this the other morning when Joel was taking her to school. I watched her through the window pointing to her little eye, crossing her arms then pointing to me all while mouthing, "I love you."
  • The way she plays with her babydolls and calls them all Laylin.
  • How she rubs her earlobes when she gets sleepy or tired to soothe herself. She started doing this after we stopped nursing and hasn't stopped yet. Its so sweet.
  • Her excitement and sweetness for life every morning. She brings so much pure joy to my life.

And our little peanut Laylin, who is 7 weeks new...
  • I love her smiles while she is sleeping
  • The soft "Ohhhs" that she coos back to me
  • Her daintiness and petite little features
  • The softness of her skin and little dimples on her hands
  • The way she loves to snuggle and be warm. She loves to be swaddled
  • How she loves to lay on my chest with her legs tucked up and around me like a little frog
  • Her sweet whispy hair

My girls bring us so much love and laughter. I seriously never knew my heart could be this swollen with love and contentment. God has blessed me beyond measurement with their beating hearts!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Isla's got a BIG personality!

Isla's BIG personality has really been shining lately. She is such a talker. She enunciates really well, doesn't shy away from big words and repeats EVERYTHING. She'll even sing the last lyrics of a song right after it goes off.

My little mimicker is so fun at nearly 28 months old. She loves playing with her baby dolls, making us lay down and play like she is our mommy, tinker bell, wearing her wings and high heel shoes, stickers, stamps and going outside. Oh, she also LOVES her little sister Laylin. She can't stand for Laylin to sleep. She wants her to be awake and be two inches from her face at all time. She loves to help out when Laylin needs a diaper change or if Laylin is crying she will try to sooth her by saying "it's okay Laylin" and giving her the paci.

My little Isla Rae has finally become a good sleeper. She sleeps in her big girl bed all through the night now with no fuss about going to bed. We have a great routine down now and she looks forward to story time. One change recently is that she likes to "read" to us now since she has many of her favorite books memorized.

She doesn't like brushing her teeth, so this is always a battle. She also doesn't like a ton of veggies, but she is starting to try more. Most recently she started liking broccoli (score!). She's still crazy about her staple foods, oatmeal, noodles and cheese. It could be worse I guess. At least I can sneak berries into the oatmeal and veggies into the noodles.

Besides talking a lot, she is also singing a lot now too. She loves to sing the songs she has learned at school, church songs and "let it go" of course. She also loves to dance. Fridays have become "Dance party nights" at our house. Joel and I pick a Pandora station and we all dance together for about an hour or so. I love these fun, goofy Friday nights!

Now that Isla is getting older, we also started game night on Wednesdays and movie night on Thursdays. I love these little traditions in our household. It gives us all little simple things to look forward to and its such great family time.

Isla has such a fun sweet heart. I'm so thankful for all the time I've been able to spend with my two sweet girls lately! So far the terrible twos haven't been terrible at all!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Laylin Jane is 1 month old!

Sweet little peanut hit the one month milestone last week! She is such a little nugget. At five weeks, she just now weighs 8lbs, 12 oz and is 20.75 inches long. She is in the 20th percentile for height and weight and 6% for head. She has the tiniest, daintiest features.

She is such a good baby. I think it's a combination of her laid back temperament and us also being a little more laid back this time around. I guess you kind of have to be more laid back the second time around!

She's only had a few super fussy times thus far. She really only cries if she is having gas pains or is hungry. She's a great sleeper and nurser for the most part! I feel so blessed for this. She takes 2+ hour naps during the day and often will sleep for 4+ hour stretches at night. This was a big change from big sister who only liked to catnap at 30 minutes at a time.

She likes to cuddle and sleep on my chest like a little frog. I adore that she is a snuggle bug! She likes baths, showers, her paci and riding in her carseat. She's starting to make some noises outside of crying, but no cooing just yet.

We can't wait to see her develop and grow, but while we wait, we are soaking in all of her tininess. I love this little girl so much.