Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Favorites of the Bradbury girls...

My girls are growing and changing so much every day. There are so many things I love about each of their stages/ages.

I'll start with Isla who is 2 years and nearly 4 months old...
  • She calls popcorn, "copcorn"
  • How she shouts "fireman" every time the fireworks display over the castle before a Disney movie
  • The way she says yellow, "llellow" using no y at all 
  • Her favorite word is, marvelous and she throws her hand over her head with a big expression when she says it.
  • She loves wearing her dress up high heels. Its usually the first thing she does when she gets home... takes her normal shoes off and puts on her heels. She LOVES shoes!
  • She tells me, "I love you sooooooooo much" often. She will point to her little eye, then cross her arms over her chest and then point to me. She did this the other morning when Joel was taking her to school. I watched her through the window pointing to her little eye, crossing her arms then pointing to me all while mouthing, "I love you."
  • The way she plays with her babydolls and calls them all Laylin.
  • How she rubs her earlobes when she gets sleepy or tired to soothe herself. She started doing this after we stopped nursing and hasn't stopped yet. Its so sweet.
  • Her excitement and sweetness for life every morning. She brings so much pure joy to my life.

And our little peanut Laylin, who is 7 weeks new...
  • I love her smiles while she is sleeping
  • The soft "Ohhhs" that she coos back to me
  • Her daintiness and petite little features
  • The softness of her skin and little dimples on her hands
  • The way she loves to snuggle and be warm. She loves to be swaddled
  • How she loves to lay on my chest with her legs tucked up and around me like a little frog
  • Her sweet whispy hair

My girls bring us so much love and laughter. I seriously never knew my heart could be this swollen with love and contentment. God has blessed me beyond measurement with their beating hearts!

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