Friday, January 27, 2012


I love free stuff and now with a baby on the way my interest in freebies has grown exponentially. Recently I was able to score a free baby carrier, pack of chemical-free diapers, wipes and family cleaning kit (detergent, baby shampoo, lotion, healing balm and soap) with only paying a minimal shipping fee.

I got the baby carrier or baby sling from a site called Seven Slings by using the promo code "FAMILY2012". The baby sling is normally $48 and I made out only paying $11 for shipping. They also have a ton of fun fabrics to choose from. I personally loved the Northern Lights and Caramel Latte fabric. It fit well and I'm excited to use it!

I ordered the chemical-free diapers and family cleaning kit today from a site called I got over $100 worth of baby stuff for only $4.95 shipping cost. Given, I do have to cancel my membership with them within 7 days of receiving the items, but I had a friend do this and she had raving reviews regarding their items and customer service. I look forward to getting these items soon and updating everyone.

I'm sure everyone else has come across some great freebies as well. If anyone else has any online freebies to share, I would love to hear about it! Please comment if so.

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