Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All natural...hopefully!

We recently decided we’re going to try to have baby girl naturally, with no epidural or drugs. We have been reading The Bradley Method, which I would highly recommend, and I also ordered the HypnoBirth DVDs this week. I’ve read amazing reviews about both The Bradley Method and HypnoBirth. So I figure you can’t go wrong applying both methods!

We’re also looking into different places to have baby Bradbury. Our current doctor and midwife are tied to CMC Pineville, but we’re also looking at Carolina Community Maternity Center. One of the most important points of The Bradley Method is to have minimal distractions. I know in the hospital there will be lots of distractions… compared to the birth center where there seems to be more freedom. I know there are pros and cons to both so we plan to tour both and then hopefully make a final decision before my third trimester.

The Bradley Method is also husband coached, so it is probably going to be very interesting and comical to look back on. I pray God gives Joel strength because Lord knows he will need it!


  1. you can do it!! natural birth is such a beautiful thing!

  2. Natural birth is unreal, amazing and God made your body to have this baby! You can do it, trust me. We had Evie naturally and can't imagine it any other way. It was honestly so much less painful and dramatic than I could have ever imagined. Ever birth and eery woman is different, but in my experience, the contractions were the hardest part. Pushing didn't even hurt until Evie's head was crowning and that really wasn't even that bad. God Bless you in this adventure and miracle!

  3. Good luck! I hope you get to have her naturally. I had to have 2 c-sections. Not fun. Praying for you guys!