Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mommy's lil cutie

You are doing so many cute things at nearly one year old! 

At 11 months, you are a really good walker! Its so cute to watch you walk. You can get around quickly now and rarely ever chose to crawl. When you walk, you do not bend your knees. Instead, you throw your little legs out in front of your body and walk with your legs stiff. You keep your balance very well and no longer are you as cautious as you were just two short weeks ago. 

You like to blow bubbles, which has taught you to blow all the time. It’s so cute! You pucker your lips up and make the cutest fish face and then lightly blow air into my face. So sweet!

You say, “shhh” a lot! You sort of whisper it too. You do it a lot while you’re playing or deep in thought.

For the most part, you’ve become a good eater of table food. You are picky, but picky in the sense of you like to eat all of the same food at once and then move on to the next option. It’s adorable to watch you pick out all your green beans, then move on to the kiwi, next the quinoa and so on. You also have great dexterity! 

You like to give kisses. Love those big wet ones!

You are very loving. You pat and rub me at night when it’s time to settle down and you’ve really grown to love hugs… which mommy loves too. XOXO

What a growing girl you are. You bring so much love and pure joy to my life. Thank you for making mommy feel so loved, special and needed. I love you sweet girl!

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