Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Free Stuff!

Got to love freebies! I've ran across so many free printables recently that I wanted to share the love.

I think Valentines day can be overrated sometimes, but I love the idea of this coupon book of love printables. I did something like this for Joel one year. I just used construction paper and wrote out a couple coupons like, free 30 minute massage, 1 get out of jail free card (lol),  homemade dinner of your choice, date night on me, etc., but I love these free printables where everything is already done for you. It's such a cute, simple, meaningful gift idea.

I also love these free adorable owl book marks. Most Valentines day cards get tossed after V-day, but this is such a cute gift to be able to keep and use for daily reading.

There are so many unique gift ideas out there that are free of cost besides the ink and paper from your printer! Tip Junkie has a ton of free printables on their site. You'll find everything from invitations to birthday cards. Check it out for a cost effective gift idea!

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