Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big Girl!

On November 4th, the big 17 month milestone, Isla decided she was going to use the potty for the very first time!

We had been practicing for a while on her Elmo potty that her Aunt Heidi and Kamm cousins had given her as a gift. She loves to sit on it and pretend to potty so she can then flush and hear Elmo shout, "Hooray!"

I recently gave her a book about going on the potty too. She loves to hit the button on the book and hear the potty flush. Every time she hits the button and hears the flush she claps and cheers.

I was cooking dinner on Monday when Isla ran in the kitchen, shouted and signed, "potty!"

I didn't really think she was going to do anything because normally when she tells us she needs to potty, she has already gone, but we ran to the bathroom anyways.

When we got there, she hadn't done anything yet. I stripped her down and set her up on the potty. She sit there knocking her knees together and smiled at me. It had only been a minute when she reached back, flushed the potty and stood up.

I asked her if she was all done, thinking she didn't really need to go and then to my surprise... I saw the smallest little poo ever! I got so excited clapping, cheering and exclaiming what she had done. She was excited too... so excited she reached down and picked it up!!!

I knew at that moment, I couldn't freak out, so I kept on cheering and told her to put it back. I told her good job, but next time... let's not pick it up.

Since then she has gone three times. She mostly tells us when she needs to poo. She hasn't gone at school yet, but we're continuing to work with her and I think our Elmo potty at home is helping a lot, because she is crazy about Elmo.

We're looking forward to many more hilarious potty stories and hoping that this is the last time we have to ask her to put it back.

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  1. Yay Isla!! Potty is a big deal :) Keep it up :)