Monday, March 3, 2014

Almost half way there!

Almost half way there! This week we get to find out the gender of baby #2...if the hubby lets me! We found out with our first as I could not stand to wait. Joel was fine to wait and actually preferred for it to be surprise, but not me... the planner with slightly OCD personality traits had to know ahead of time. I've agreed to compromise and go with his wishes for baby #2, but I am still using power of persuasion to make him want to find out. We'll see if he bends at all.

I have a feeling its another girl. A lot has been the same with baby #2 as with our first. I've been VERY sick with ongoing nausea and indigestion. I have had headaches this time on top of the nausea which is new. No weight gain either...I've actually lost weight. I did the same thing with our daughter, so we're trying not to worry. With Isla, the sickness lasted until around 28 weeks and didn't revisit until I was in labor. Hopefully, will subside a little sooner with baby #2.

I've realized how luxurious my first pregnancy was, even if I was sick the majority of the time. The first time around I could go straight to bed, take a nap whenever I needed, not make dinner if I didn't feel like it, eat whatever I wanted, take a bath whenever I wanted and basically have many freedoms I do not have this time around. This time, I have a wide-eyed toddler watching my every move. She can tell when I'm sick, so I have to fake feeling well, put on a happy face and tell her everything is ok. She needs dinner or a snack, to be held or mommy time nearly 24/7 . She also watches my every move...if I'm craving ice cream or something she shouldn't have I have to sneak away or strategically plan my cravings. Especially since she is already a fussy eater. It's been an interesting journey already with baby #2.

We're starting to prepare Isla for her new sibling already. We've explained that there is a baby in mommy's belly, but now she thinks there is a baby in daddy's belly too and even her own! It's so cute to listen to her talk about babies and the fact that she is baby crazy right now makes us even more excited. We can tell she is going to be a very loving big sister to her little brother or sister. Hoping to find out the gender and share with our loved ones soon!

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