Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bradbury Babe Update

Less than a month to go (hopefully) until Baby B #2 arrives! I'm already dilated 1/2 centimeter which is way better than I was with Isla. Baby #2 is still very active, but I feel her mostly at night now. I can tell this sweet thing is going to have her days and nights confused already. She is head down and ready for take off whenever God gives her the green light. We are hoping for smooth sailing with her arrival and that it isn't a three day excursion like it was with little Ms. Isla Rae.

Isla is making big moves too! She moved up to the Twos class at school. We have noticed such a big change in her since she turned two. She's been talking very well for quite some time, but now it's even more than words and sentences. She is having great conversations with us daily. I love it when she asks me if I had a good day... or if I'm ok.

She loves to pretend. Her favorite toy right now is her baby doll... and she is calling all of her dolls by her little sister's name. (Yes, we have decided the name, but not completely sure on the spelling so we haven't fully announced it yet).

Some of my favorite Isla words and sayings right now...

Lellow - for Yellow
BELLLLLLL---AAAA - for our dog, Bella
She changed the words to Bingo to Bella and loves singing that song now
She still loves the song 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and also loves to sing, I'm in the Lord's army
Since I've been sick with the baby, she asks me if I'm ok nearly 100 times a day now. She is so concerned for her mommy's well being
She calls holding hands, hand hugs and loves to snuggle with me in the mornings

She is simply the best thing and medicine for my heart. Although turning two has brought on challenges and lots of emotions, I wouldn't change a thing. She is learning so much and so am I. Each day we are learning, growing and teaching one another. I love her BIG personality!

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