Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sweet Laylin Jane is 8 Months Old!

Every day gets better and better as Laylin grows. She is such a sweet heart. I think she's going to hit some major milestones this month and next. I can tell such a big difference in her lately.

She is getting louder and really finding her voice. She has taken a much bigger interest in toys and her big sister. She is also showing more effort in rolling over and trying to crawl. She pushes her body up with her arm and squirms her legs behind her, but hasn't quiet figured out how to get up on all fours yet. She will though... and soon!

She doesn't show any interest in eating though. We've tried several times, but aren't forcing it or in any rush. When she's ready, we'll know it!

She LOVES the water. She squeals as soon as we turn on the faucet or start filling up the tub. She also LOVES her mama! She lights up when she sees me and immediately gets sad when she can't see me. A little separation anxiety starting to form...

Her and Isla have started to play more and I love to see the bond forming between these two sweet girls.

She finally weighs over 16lbs! Such a chunkier!

We're a little behind in taking her 8 month pictures since we were on vacation during her 8mo bday, but I'll get those posted soon.

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