Thursday, May 21, 2015

Isla says...

Isla has had the cutest sayings lately and has been telling lots of stories! I wanted to jot these down so I don't forget...

cob on the corn (for corn on the cop)
cop corn (for pop corn)
I love you so much.... FOR EVERYTHING (she pulls the "for everything" from Cinderella and tells me this at least twice a day)
Happy Mother's Day (we're two weeks past mother's day, but she still tells me happy mother's day everyday... I love it!)
Booty shake (this girl loves to shake her booty... and be naked!)
Rarrr (she loves scaring people)

She has the best imagination, loves to sing... even normal conversations... and has had the best attitude lately! I'm so grateful for her sweet heart and the strong bond we share.

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