Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Laylin Milestones

Wow, Laylin has hit a lot of milestones since my last post and these milestones have been keeping me busy!

  • For starters, she turned ONE!
  • She hit her biggest milestone - WALKING! She is now up to 15 steps. She's getting more and more confident every day. She took her first steps on September 21st! 
  • Now, she's not only a walker, but also a dancer! She loves banging her head to the beat of...well, anything. The TV tunes, music, sounds from a toy... it really doesn't matter. This girl just loves to dance! 
  • She's still holding strong at just 4 teeth, but she's a great eater. 
  • Still weighing in at a whooping 17lbs, but healthy. 
  • Her personality has really started to shine recently. She's giggly, goofy, playful and feisty! 

We love our little Lay-LION!

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