Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Busy bees...

My girls have been keeping me busy lately.

If I could have one wish, I would wish Isla's non-stop energy and bigger than Texas personality was contagious! Being 6 months pregnant and already suffering from lack of sleep due to two little gals who try to climb in our bed every night... I could really use it! Her ongoing energy and enthusiasm seems to be limitless at times. I love this about her.

While Isla is bouncing off the walls, Laylin is following close behind. She tries to keep up with big sister best she can. She wants to do everything Isla does, but at the same time she is searching for her own independence. She may not say much, but she makes up for it in her feistiness.

Both girls are so different and so similar at the same time. I love watching their bond and love for one another grow daily. They are really starting to play together a lot more. Sure this comes with screams, fighting and usually Laylin hitting Isla, but none the less, they love each other. Isla tries to mother Laylin and Laylin rejects it by trying to run away. It's a push pull relationship, but the love these sisters are beginning to share is so sweet to watch grow.

They are both getting overly excited about the arrival of baby #3. As we prepare by getting the baby things out, I think Laylin is beginning to understand the concept of another baby coming.

I can't wait to see the relationship these two form with our third.

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