Thursday, September 19, 2013

15 Months - Happy & Healthy

Isla had her 15 month check up today. She is growing beautifully! Her measurements seem to be consistently in the same percentile for all categories.

Weight 24.8 - 75%
Height 31.25 - 75% (projected to be 5'4 - 5'6 as an adult)
Head Circumference - 25-50% (she has a little peanut head)

As I sat Isla up on the scale, I was amazed at how much she had grown. I could picture her as a newborn as she sat in the same positioning as she did for her very 1st check-up. Time is flying by and every day I am amazed at the beautiful and smart little girl she is. I hope 20 years from now, I can close my eyes and drift back to these sweet memories. This truly is the best days of my life thus far. 

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