Monday, September 30, 2013

Never enough time...

Recently, I saw a post over at the Mommy Page that hit me like a ton of bricks.

Ever since I returned from maternity leave, I’ve felt as if I just can’t keep up. I’ve been beating myself up that I’m not spending enough time with my daughter, not reading enough books to her, not taking her to the park enough, not doing enough crafts, not capturing enough memories through video and pictures and just not being with her enough…

Time has been flying by and I finally see what my own parents tried to tell me for so many years. It seems with one blink 6 months has flown by, then a year and now nearly 16 months. After reading about how we are only blessed with 940 Saturdays with our little ones before they head off to college (yes, that’s right – that is the number of weekends you’ll have with your little one from birth until they graduate), I decided I am going to stop beating myself up with the “not enoughs” and start living in the moment. Instead of wishing for more days, I’m going to enjoy every single minute of my Saturday and Sunday with my daughter and giving thanks that I am blessed with those days. 

You see, I feel it’s so easy to get caught up on the ifs – if I only had more time – if I could only stay at home – if I could only be with her more – that it’s easy to lose sight of the day and moment you are in. Constantly wishing for something that is not obtainable for us now and beating myself up for not doing more only brings me down and does not make me a better mom… but focusing on the time I do have with my daughter, the fun we have, the laughter we share, the learning experiences and sweet loving moments – those moments no matter how short – are moments that will carry me through a lifetime of busyness.

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  1. i love this post because I do the exact same thing. I beat myself up about this all the time. New follower!