Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Joys of 18 Months...

The Joys of 18 Months:

  • You love to snuggle - FINALLY! I've wanted to snuggle with you ever since I first learned I was pregnant, but you've never been big on cuddles. If I tried to stroke your head or rub your back after you fell asleep, you would immediately wake up. You needed your space as you slept... but at 18 months, you LOVE to snuggle. You scoot close to me, place your forehead against mine and wrap your arm around me as I hold and pat you to sleep. It makes me love co-sleeping even more. 
  • You are talking - A LOT! You are pretty much saying anything and everything under the sun. You love to repeat mommy, so I am very cautious and accountable for the words I speak (which I've grown to love). 
  • You are a singer. You love to sing songs and sing-a-long with me. You especially love the "Cousin Song" we made up where we sing all your cousins names. You also love 5 Little Monkeys, all though sometimes you ask me to change it up and sing, 5 Little Doggies, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Alphabet Song and 10 Bears in the Bed. You also love your Good Morning Song, which you actually taught to me!
  • You are very silly - and FUNNY! Your dad and I crack up laughing at you constantly and you love to make us laugh. You like to hide behind the door way to the kitchen and peep your little head around to surprise us. You like to dance silly and play Ready, Set, GOOOOO! You love to be chased, thrown in the air and tickled. You also love to tickle us - instead of tickle, you say..."giggle, giggle, giggle." It's so cute!
  • Your favorite pretend game is to play night night with your babies, or really any item you can find. You lay them down, cover them up with a blanket, sock, tissue, or anything you can find and pat (or beat) their backs saying - "night night baby....LAY DOWN!" It's definitely humbling hearing your parenting come from your toddler's mouth. 
Each month we enjoy you more and more and I thank God for blessing us with you daily! You are such a light. We love you.


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