Monday, January 6, 2014

19 months going on 9 yrs old...

Isla loves the older kids. She likes watching older children, playing with them and doing exactly what they do. I've seen this in her from a very young age. When she first started daycare at 6 months old, her eyes would always go straight towards the three year olds when we would walk in and as soon as she could crawl... she crawled to them, sat with them and watched their every move.

It makes me think about the future. If she'll remain like this for her entire childhood...always wanting to be like the older kids (just like I did) and not wanting to wait to grow up.

Lately, she likes to play like she is leaving. She gets her "purse", mommy or daddy's keys, and toy phone and heads for the door. She comes up to me and Joel and says, "bye" as she puckers her lips for a kiss. What a glimpse into the future. I think we are going to have our hands full for many years to come with this special girl!

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