Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas with Elmo

Isla is Elmo crazy! This year we got her a pair of Elmo pajamas, a Sesame Street themed kitchen set and my mom got her a stuffed Elmo. She's also crazy about Barney and loves her Barney movie that Gigi got her. Every day she wants to watch Elmo and Barney. We have to limit her TV time with these two or she would watch it all day! Luckily we have Elmo books, stickers and coloring pages too. I feel like our house is exploding with Elmo... but it's a super fun stage! It makes me curious to see what the next stage will be.... maybe Disney princesses or super heroes. Isla is such a fun special girl! Every stage has opened our eyes even more to the blessing that she is.

Here's a few of our favorite's from Christmas 2013...

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