Thursday, May 8, 2014

An Update On My Darlings...

A little behind on posting updates of my little nuggets so here's the headlines...

Isla Rae

  • She's more grown up than ever before! Everything is "no, mommy...Isla do it" Then she tries for a little while and will then say, "hep, mommy, peas hep" (help, please, help) It's so cute and heart wrenching to watch her grow up so quickly. I'm savoring those hugs, clings and kisses more than ever before because I know how fleeting these moments are. 
  • She loves books! She loves to read to us... she has several books memorized and to be read to. It's basically the only thing she wants to do besides playing outside.
  • She loves to play outside. She is such an adventurer. She is very curious. She likes to get down really close to the bugs on the ground and investigate what they are doing and where they are crawling too. She loves to rub the bark on trees, feel the grass with her hands and feet and dig in the dirt! While I garden outside, we look for worms and I dig them out for her. She has a special Mickey Mouse shovel that she uses too. Now, she wants to look for worms all the time when we're outside! She also loves to color on the sidewalk with chalk and she likes to tell me which animals, letters or words to draw. 
  • She's still a big singer. Her favorite songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, BINGO and a new one... The Ants Go Marching
  • She can count to 14 now without skipping any numbers and sings her ABCs without skipping any letters. 
  • I can tell she is getting taller by the way her clothes are starting to fit. She's wearing size 2T, 4 diapers and 5 in shoes. Her hair is growing a lot too and it curls up on the ends! 

Here's a few snapshots of my peanut at Easter.

Baby #2

  • We have decided a name. She is no longer nameless to us and Joel and I refer to her by name now.
  • She's measuring right on track for a due date of 8-7-14
  • She's super duper active!! With Isla, I normally would feel her kicks and movements in the late evening and all through the night. With this little one, its non-stop all day and night. She is always moving!
  • She's been easier on me than my first pregnancy. I've still been sick (in fact I got sick over the weekend) but it's not been as intense as it was the first time around and it hasn't lasted as long. 

We're so excited for baby #2 to get here and make little miss Isla a big sister! 

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