Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A big girl now...

On Friday, my little "baby" spent her first night in a big girl bed (toddler bed).

Until then, we have been a co-sleeping family and I have loved and cherished every moment of it. To be honest, it was me who wasn't ready for her to spend the night 'away' from me on Friday. I was planning on us making the transition Easter weekend when I knew we would have more time together and more time to rest if needed due to a restless night. We had been prepping for the transition for weeks though... talking about her big girl bed, making her room more fun with a star nightlight, Elmo sheets and blankets and letting her baby doll sleep in the bed overnight.

On Friday, after I put new soft sheets on her newly adorned Elmo bed, she couldn't wait to get in it! We read books as she laid in bed and something told me she was ready...even though I was not. We read 5-7 different books, turned out the lights and turned on her new nightlight that also plays music. She asked to hold my hand so I laid down beside her in the floor and held her hand with her tucked in tight with Elmo, baby doll, her stuffed dog and kitty and paci of course. She fought falling asleep for a good hour, but never cried. I slept in the floor beside her until about midnight and got up and scooted to our bed (about 10ft away from her room, if that.). She woke up once crying for us, but after a quick hug, she fell back asleep. I woke up again at 4am and found Joel asleep in the floor beside her bed. I guess we both really missed our little snuggle bug.

The next night was a little tougher as she woke up more, but last night she didn't wake up at all. She did fight falling asleep for about an hour, tossing and turning, singing, counting and doing anything she knew to keep herself awake. After she gave up the fight, she woke up at 6:40am. She's doing so well with the transition and we are so proud of her. Such a big, smart girl!

This process has proven to me one more time why we should trust, pray and not worry. I had been so worried about the transition, dreading it for months, procrastinating the inevitable transition. Once again, God has shown me that I should not worry about tomorrow, I should not worry about things outside of my control, I should not worry at all...I should pray and trust. Thank you to Him for making this a smooth transition and for His continued love and blessings on our growing family!

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