Monday, January 12, 2015

Laylin Jane's 5 months new...

My little sweetie hit the five months milestones over the weekend. Our little Lay-lion is sweet as can be, feisty, loving and such a cuddle-bug. She probably weighs close to 13lbs now. On our last check-up at four months, she weighed a little over 12lbs and was between 8-11 percentile on all her measurements. She is tiny, but she is still on the charts and her personal growing curve looks beautiful.

She is smiling a lot, ticklish and giggly, she's taken on a strong interest in toys in the past few weeks and she loves loves loves looking at her big sissy.

She is still having challenges with reflux and tummy pains so we are still on medicine. I can't always soothe her, but I hold her through the pain and try to help her best I can. She is such a fighter and we can see her sweet personality forming with every day.

Happy five months Laylin Jane. You are such a light to my world!!

Love you,

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