Monday, December 22, 2014

An update on my loves...

Laylin Jane is off of the monitor! We're so thrilled that she is growing and thriving. She is still such a peanut, only weighing in at 12lbs and 8oz at just over 4 months, but never the less, she is chunking up at her own rate. She's so tiny, but still has little rolls and its so cute to see her putting on weight. We had her 4 month check up last week. She did great with her shots, got a great report and stayed around the 10th percentile for all her measurements (8% for head circumference, 9% for weight and 11% for height).

She has taken on a new interest in toys lately. She reaches for objects now and is starting to hold on to them better too. We're still working on her reaching for me, but that will come soon enough. She is a mama's girl for sure, just like her big sister. She's not quiet rolling over yet, but I can tell that will come soon too as she is eager to roll over on her belly. She is drooling a lot and like to chew on everything she can get to her mouth. She's smiling a lot and laughing out loud. Look at these cute faces!!

Isla Rae is a ball of energy as always. One of her favorite things to do right now is play hide n seek, we play every night before bedtime. Its so funny to watch her "hide". She usually picks a spot in plain site and I have to pretend like I don't see her. She gets so excited. The funniest thing though is most of the time when Joel or I go to hide she will forget to come find us and we'll be hiding for several minutes or have to come out and find her...then she'll excitedly tell us to go hide again, lol. 

She also LOVES to sing. She recently had a school play and sang three songs in the play. She practiced for weeks at home and I taught her some other Christmas songs in addition to those. three. She has a lot of Christmas Spirit and loves to pretend like she is giving gifts. Such a sweet heart. She'll hand me one of her toys and say, "Here mommy, I made this for you. Merry Christmas." So sweet.

She also loves gymnastics, or "nastics" as she calls it, while wrinkling her nose up as she says it. She just started this month and is already doing really good tumbles! She's got great form. She loves to dance too so that will be the next activity to come... maybe when she is 3.

I've been having so much fun with these two and wallowing in this period in my life. Everyone tells me I will look back when I'm older and these will be the best years of my life. I believe that's true and I can already tell how precious each day we're gifted with really is. These girls are the light of my world. I'm so blessed they call me mama. 

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