Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happy 10 Months Laylin Jane

Laylin did a lot of big things after she turned 9 months old. She began to crawl and pull up to a standing position all on her own. She is babbling more and starting to make more sounds... I think mama and dada will be coming soon.

This week she is 10 months old, and the sweetest thing ever, but I've noticed she has started to develop a feisty side and her personality is really starting to show! Now, if Isla you take something away from her or do something she doesn't like, she will yell and smack her hands together letting us know she is not happy! I remember how much fun Isla was at 10 months and I love that I get to relive this stage with Laylin.

Looking forward to seeing all the things she does this month!

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