Thursday, July 2, 2015

Special times with Isla

I've been trying to do extra special outings from time to time with Isla to give her some attention outside of our normal day to day. It seems as if I have much more one on one time with Laylin as I feed her before nap time and at nights and while Isla is at school.

Isla has become such a big vibrant girl. She is full of life with the greatest imagination. This week, we took her to her very first movie. She called it "the movie station." She did so well. We watched it in 3D and she wore her glasses the whole time. She was so cute whispering little comments about the movie and looking to us to know when to laugh at the jokes. I hope it will be a special memory for her because I know it will be for me.

Yesterday I got a pedicure for the first time since before Laylin was born... I guess you can say I've been busy with other things :) I took Isla with me for a special outing of just her and me. She called the nail salon "the paint store" - makes sense right?! She got to get her toenails and finger nails painted. She did her toes red, white and silver - all with glitter. For her finger nails she wanted white - surprised me! She did white with silver glitter on top. She was so excited to have them painted special!

She is such a loving sweet girl. I just adore our one on one time together.

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