Thursday, January 7, 2016

Feisty Laylin

Oh my sweet and oh so feisty Laylin Jane!

You have really started growing and doing lots of new things lately! You love doing everything big sissy, Isla, does and you want everything she has too! You follow her around like a little shadow. She looks out for you and mothers you now too. I've seen a shift in the way she plays with you, takes care of you and "mothers" you. She calls you her little honey and darling. You are sweet to her too. Giving her hugs and love in the morning, sharing your toys with her and playing together nicely.

You love playing with your babydoll and giving her a bottle. You like to put her in the baby swing to go night-night, but then try to open one of her eyes so she can still see you. You've started exploring everything and are into nearly everything as well. You especially love the pantry and pulling things out of organized places.

You love playing hide n' seek with me and your sister. It's so cute to hear you say, "Rarr" when you find us or when we find you!

You also love to color and do art projects. Usually lots of fun, but very messy.

Speaking of messy, your new favorite thing to do is eat with a spoon. Just like Isla of course, you love to copy cat her at the table. If she has a bowl and spoon, you want one too. Most days, the bowl ends up turned over on your plate or in the floor. Its messy, but its even more fun to watch. I've learned to embrace the mess. Our messy home now embodies our busy and active kids, and that's ok!

You still only have 4 teeth. The cutest little teeth ever...two in front on the top and bottom.
You're still a peanut at only 18lbs, but you are growing at your own pace.

You love to dance and hear music, take baths, give kisses and say BYE!

At 17 months old, you can say....
All done

Lots of B words, but you are starting to say many other words too! You said your name for the first time this week and it was oh so sweet to hear!

We love your gentle spirit and your sweetness. Can't wait to see what else you are doing in the next month!

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