Friday, April 13, 2012

Apparently I do have a good side after all….

Baby girl loves my right side! She has been there for quite some time now. When I was 20 weeks she was snuggled in there, then several weeks later we had to make an ER visit because the doctors thought I might have appendicitis, but lucky for us…it was just baby girl curled up in a ball and pressing against some vital organs causing my body not to be able to function very well. Even though I was in pain, it was so amazing to see her little body up so high in my body and looking so content. She was perfectly curled up. <3

She’s still nestled into to the right side. Some days are less painful than others, but her favorite spot is right up under my ribs. Her little butt is pushed up under my ribs, feet are pointed out to the left and she is currently head down. Yay! Let’s hope she stays head down at least. I’ll take a little pain and discomfort to make sure she is in the right position for her big début…

Here I am 3weeks ago! :)

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