Monday, June 24, 2013

Isla's 'Come Watch Me Grow' DIY 1ST Birthday Party

My sweet girl turned one twenty days ago! I still can't believe she is one. The thought of saying 1yr, verses 7, 9 or 11 months is daunting. I just got used to not saying her age in weeks and now I'm moving away from months. They grow so fast... and thus the whole theme of her party was around growing! The invitations were filled with flowers and pictures of Isla and we carried the theme of those bright flowers throughout the party decor.

We used a lot of green, pink, orange and blue. The best thing about the party is nearly everything came from the Dollar Tree, and the things that didn't come from there came from Oriental Trading where I got a great deal on sale items. 

I ordered a pack of paper and made the banner out of ribbon left over from my baby shower. Once I had my triangles cut, I hot glued them to the ribbon and placed my letters in the middle. To finish them off, I used a cute scrap paper flower with a button glued to the center.

I also used the paper on the tables to give the decor a pop and also to catch any messes from food and drink spills. It made for a much easier clean-up.

I cut even smaller triangles and used them on the gift table to spread around like confetti and used the paper to make a custom sign made from stickers I also found at the dollar store. I paired the sign with some cute shoes of Isla's that matched the party theme.

Since the theme was around "growing" I used some left over flower cup cake holders and made some flower toppers using a green tooth pick, green foam paper and colored foam paper for the actual flower portion. For the flower, I traced Isla's hand print. I hot glued the flower/hand print and a green leaf to the tooth pick. I also used the foam paper to make a large number 1 for the top center piece. 

Since I knew Isla would not remember this day, I took lots of pictures and also made a Shutterfly photo book for guests to sign. I left the first two pages of the book blank with the words "Isla's First Birthday Wishes" and then asked all of our family members to sign their messages and birthday wishes for Isla. I'm looking forward to giving that to her some day, especially since her Great Great Grandma Saft came who is 103! So amazing and blessed to have so many generations under one roof.

I took Isla's picture in the same frame that we used in the photo booth at our wedding every month in the exact same outfit to show how much she is growing and changing month over month. It was astonishing to see the difference from 1 month to 11 months. I then displayed the pics in the frame using ribbon and clothes pins for the party. I love seeing all her expressions and smiling face month over month.

We used pictures to decorate a lot for this party. I lined the buffet table with my favorite prints and had my husband create a collage in the shape of a 1 on our dining room mirror. Nearly all the things I did were inexpensive ideas using things I already had at home.

 The other big DIY project I did for pennies was making a 1 out of card board and tissue paper. I used tissue paper I had left over from my own baby shower and a card board box. I broke the card board down using a razor and then cut it in the shape of a 1. I then took tissue paper and folded it back and forth making creases throughout, bound it tightly with a wire and hot glued it to the cardboard. Once it was secured on the card board, I separated the tissue paper and made it poof out. I loved the end result and we actually ended up using it as a photo prop for her 1 year pictures. 

I made several signs using pixlr, a free service online. One of my favorites is in her nursery now and it calls out all the cute nick names we have for her. 

My friend Kristen also made this amazing sign that has all of her favorite things and measurements at 1 year old. This is a definite keeper along with her profile pictures made from paper.

Overall it was a fun, inexpensive party and I think she had a blast! She especially loved her watermelon and cupcake!

Here are some additional pictures from the party!

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