Monday, October 21, 2013

Precious Stage

Isla is nearly 17 months old now, and this has proven to be one of my favorite stages. While this stage has come with a new set of challenges, she has become so loving, snuggly and FUNNY!
I love how loving she is. She gives out hugs and kisses so freely. One of our favorite games is the hugging game where she just goes back and forth from Joel and I giving us hugs and kisses... over and over again. Her MMMMWAH's get bigger and bigger with each kiss. I love this! I reflected on Friday night after we played this game how short this stage really is. I know there will come a day where she grows more stingy with her hugs and kisses.

She has also become a cuddlebug. She has always loved for me to hold her, which I never minded at all, but lately she holds me as I hold her too. She wraps her arms around me, clinches on to my shirt and lays her head over on my shoulder. In those moments, I feel so at peace. For brief moments she also lies still on my chest or in my arms as we read books or watch one of her favorite shows.

She keeps us laughing all the time at this age. She LOVES to dance... and we love it too! Her dance moves are so funny and cute. Each night before bed, we've been having a dance party and every night gets funnier than the last as she learns to wiggle and move.

I'm so thankful God has trusted me to be her mom and experience such an amazing stage in her life!

You are so very special Isla Rae!

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