Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Isla – 13 months

Favorite toy – Her Minnie Mouse train. She loves to get on it and scoot around the house. She also loves when we push her. She holds on to the steering wheel tight and moves her body back and forth as if saying, “faster, faster!”  When we walk in of the evenings, it’s the first thing she goes to.

Favorite outfit – dresses. She is a girly girl already. She’s very dainty and loves anything that’s frilly, has tulle or is a dress. I’ve started giving her two choices in the morning and letting her pick which one she wants to wear. I’ll hold up the outfits up and she always picks the dress, grabs it and hugs it as if she loves her choice. It’s so cute.

Favorite animal – BELLA! She loves Bella and to say “daw” which is dog. I think it might be her favorite word too.

Some other things she loves right now is shoes… she loves all shoes. She will carry them around the house, try to put Joel’s shoes on, and clap them together. She loves her little chair that’s just her size, building blocks, her Thomas the Train ball, going outside, playing in the water and all her cousins.

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