Monday, July 15, 2013

What’s New with the Bradbury’s?

So lately, it’s become increasingly harder and harder to find time to blog! It’s astonishing how much our lives have changed since our baby girl has transitioned into toddler-hood– we are constantly on the go!

In addition to chasing Isla around the house, we are also working on a ton of home projects everything from changing out the hardware on our kitchen cabinets to choosing new paint colors for the inside and outside of our home. And when we’re not working on the inside, we’re slaving on the outside, finishing a porch swing I originally made in my wood working class in high school, pulling weeds and landscaping (we finally caved and got some professional ideas for this one). 

All these tasks were difficult to get accomplished along with the daily/weekly chores of laundry and cleaning before we added our precious joy and now they are monumentally hard to accomplish, but I love the teamwork that our family has had lately to get things done. Even Isla pitched in over the weekend and started wiping down surfaces with her washcloth and “helping” fold (and unfold) the laundry.

I know when I look back on these years decades from now these will be the golden the years for our family. Days of pure joy and laughter among one another, dance parties and dinners with endless giggles. Stress? Sure, but accompanied with laughter and bliss that makes it all worthwhile. 

Besides home improvement and family time, I’ve also been extremely busy at work, studying for tests and working on a side project with my friend Kristen for a new party planning blog. Looking forward to providing more details on this exciting new adventure soon!

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