Monday, July 8, 2013

Isla language!

Recently, I’ve noticed Isla has a language of her own. As soon as she sees me she starts ‘talking’ or jabbering as fast and as much as possible for her little voice can go. She points, laughs and yells ‘words’ as she is jabbering away. Joel and I find it hilarious and Isla looks at us like we should know exactly what she is saying.

While she is jabbering a ton, she is also actually using words too. 
She loves to say…
  • da-ddddy (always with a special emphasis on the ‘ddy’ part) and dada
  •  dog or “daw”
  • bubble
  • baby
  •  car
  • yellow (this one is impressive and so cute!)
  • Papaw/Papa
  • Mama and mo-mmmmy (again the extra emphasis on the ‘mmy’ part)
  • Book – or booooo
Her voice is the sweetest and my heart melts with each and every new word she learns and says – especially her newest, “AMEN!”

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