Monday, July 29, 2013

Show and Tell!

Isla got to participate in her first show and tell yesterday. I held up several toys at home and she chose Buttons! I’ve posted about this special stuffed animal before as this was my FAVORITE childhood toy. I took Buttons with me everywhere. She rode in the basket of my bike, went on vacations or overnight stays at my grandma’s and slept with me every night. 

Buttons was actually handed down to me from a lady my mother knew who had grown up. Now that I can hand her down to my daughter she is getting additional love all over again. It sort of reminds me of Andy from Toy Story. She’s been sitting in a box for years and finally getting to come back out, get dusted off and squeezed everyday from another special girl.

When the teacher held up Buttons at Show and Tell, she said Isla stood up from the circle, ran over, grabbed Buttons and gave her a big hug! It’s so cute to see her love for one of my all time favorite things.

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