Thursday, August 22, 2013

At Nearly 15 Months...

You love...
  • Running down the hall way shouting "ahhhhhhhhhhhh" as you run with your arms pulled back behind your back as if you are getting ready to take off in flight like an airplane.
  • Your Minnie Mouse train
  • Boxes. You love to push the diaper box down the hallway or around the dining room table and you especially love to get inside the box. We pretend its a car and push you up and down the hallway. You say "wee" and "vroom." It's a lot of fun and a great work out for mom and dad.
  • Your dog. You get so excited when you see Bella and you love to say her name.
  • Eating noodles. You love any type of pasta and any pasta sauce. It's always messy, but I love seeing your smiling face with spaghetti sauce on your nose and all over your face.
  • Shoes! Shoes are your favorite. You love to say "shoes" and you love to wear shoes. Sometimes you even cry to put them on or fuss at me when I take them off. You especially love your silver sparkle shoes.
  • Books. This is a new love of yours. In the past you haven't been that interested in reading books, but now, you love to grab a book and read before bed time.
  • The Five Little Monkeys Song

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