Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wonderfully Made

To my daughter, 

You are perfect. I’m not saying this because I believe you are are faultless or always have the best behavior. I say you are perfect because you are made in His image, beautifully assembled by Him and there is not one single thing about you that happened by accident. 

God designed you and everything about you was made with a specific purpose in mind. From your nose to your toes, he thought of everything and designed each and every part of you uniquely. You are wonderfully made in His image. Please remember that as you grow and become the beautiful girl he planned you to be. 

As you get older, you will begin to hear and see things from the world… the world compares others, criticizes others and calls out our so called ‘imperfections’ but just remember… God does not make imperfections – You ARE Wonderfully Made. 

Remember when you look in the mirror that true beauty comes from within, assess your heart not your outward appearance. Beginning at such a young age, I can see your loving and caring heart blossoming at every milestone. You are such a blessing, wonderfully made and everything about you was perfectly designed. 

Love you,

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