Friday, August 16, 2013

Isla goes to the Zoo!

On Sunday, we took Isla to the zoo for the first time. I wasn't sure what to expect as the stroller has not been her best friend in the past.

To sum up the trip, she LOVED it! She was as content as I've ever seen her in the stroller all day. She didn't squirm, fuss or even want out.

Her favorite exhibit was the bears. They put on a show for us! They walked along the rocks right in front of us, in plain site for Isla to see. They moved their lips and paws up and down, splashed and jumped in the water and shook all over. Isla screamed out in excitement and pointed to them over and over again. She really got the most excited at this exhibit.

She called all the animals with a tail a dog. She would yell out, "daaaw" and we would correct her saying, no Isla that's a zebra or no Isla, that's an elephant... and she would say, "No, daaaw." It was so cute.

Later that evening while we were giving her a bath, Joel asked her what does a dog say and she responded, "moooooo." Haha - we got some work to do on our animal names and sounds, but she loves all things bears!  

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