Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Mystery..

Dear Baby B,

We went to the doctor to check up on you today and see what you've been up to.... it appears you are quite comfy in your little home and have no strong desire to come out to meet us just yet. The good news is you are staying head down to make it easier on me.

We get to see you on the big screen again tomorrow for the first time since our 20 week ultra sound. I guess this is the next best thing if I can't see you in person just yet! Your dad is so anxious! It's been funny to watch his eagerness of your arrival develop. He cannot wait for the big event. Sometimes I think he is even more ready than me.

We are getting several tests done tomorrow to make sure you are still doing okay and trying to delay induction as long as possible so you can come out on your own... Your heart beat was great today at 125 and you seem to be doing just fine.... You sure are teaching me to be more patient!

I would love it if we shared a birthday tomorrow on the 31st, but something is telling me you want to be a June baby like your cousin, Emery. Maybe you will be born on your Mamaw's birthday, June 6th. Only time will tell little one!

Patiently waiting,

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