Monday, May 14, 2012

Daddy-to-be is ready!

This weekend Joel suggested we try not to say the word "contractions" because some refer to them negatively or associate them with pain. In my hypno-birth cds, they refer to them as surges which I like as well.  So when I asked Joel what word we should use... he replied, “Do you like banana pudding?” 

Of course, I said, yes! He then said, "Well, then that’s what we’ll call them."

So we've been saying things like, “Oh, I had some banana pudding again”... or “When is the last time you had any banana pudding?”

I thought it was such a cute and sweet suggestion from the daddy-to-be. I'll probably never look at banana pudding the same again, but it will definitely help to keep us laughing for a while during labor.

We had our weekly check up today and I’m 1cm dilated. Very exciting, but still could mean we’re a week or so away from meeting our baby girl. The great news is, it’s one cm less that I have to dilate in true labor! Our midwife predicted she could come in the next 3-4 days. So only time will tell.

Joel is getting so excited and ready more than ever. He has been asking me to go on long walks and trying to feed me spicy foods... which I despise anything spicy! He was also in nesting mode this weekend finishing up projects, starting new ones, getting the house in order and being super attentive.

It's so wonderful to see him settling into his new role! I love my super supportive hubby!

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  1. That is so cute!! What a good idea to call it something else- I hate the word contraction. Banana Pudding is so much better! You guys will always remember these last weeks getting ready for her. How fun! Keep us posted- she is almost here!!! Yay!!!!