Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy 8 Months!

Dear Isla,

Happy 8 months baby girl! I thought of you this morning at 6:50am... I can't believe 8 months has already flown by. Eight months ago, I was holding you in my tired arms at that time. We were looking at each other for the first time, crying together and sharing an unbelievably profound love. Since that first look, my life changed forever. I became a mommy to the most wonderful little girl in the world. You make your dad and I so happy and grateful. We hope you always know how much you are loved and how big of a difference your life has made.

At eight months, you are...
  • crawling around... slowly, but crawling none the less. 
  • You pay attention to the details.... there will be the tiniest speck of lint on the carpet and you will sit there and poke it or pick at it... being sure to investigate every little aspect of it. Its so funny how curious you are.
  • You use your little pointer finger to investigate everything...being very cautious before reaching out and grabbing something.
  • You are much more content playing on the floor or in your pack-n-play now that you can get around.
  • You love to pull-up! You would much rather stand than sit.
  • Clapping is your favorite thing. You love for mom and dad to sing to you while you clap your hands. 
  • You also still love jumping.
  • You are teething, but still no sign of any teeth. We know it's just a matter of time before those bottom ones poke through.
  • You stick your tongue out a lot. We think you learned this from your buddy Samantha who sticks her tongue out when she smiles. You two are the best of friends at daycare. You love to "talk" to one another.
  • You love saying "da-da" and even still get a "mmmma-ma" in there from time to time. 
  • Your favorite thing to do at home is watch Bella. She can make you light up with a smile so easily.
  • Your favorite food is green beans. So far you have tried sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, carrots, bananas, apples, avocados, and mangos. You liked bananas a lot too, but they didn't agree with your tummy so much. You weren't too keen on avocados the first time around, but seem to like them better after the third and fourth try. Mangos made you have a little rash, but you liked them... but still you haven't seemed to like anything as good as green beans. It's so cute, when you really like something, you hum while you eat. Cutest thing ever!
Every day with you brings something new and I realize how much I am blessed just by being able to hold, squeeze, kiss and love on you every morning and every night. You have brought us so much joy! Happy 8 months sweet pea! We can't wait to see what you will accomplish this month. 

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