Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stand by me...

Not only is our little peanut crawling all over the place, she is also standing! Her favorite game has been “pulling up” for quite some time now. Even before she took off crawling, she would want to pull up with the help of mommy…sit back down… pull up again, sit, pull up, sit, pull up… you get the picture. She could play this game for thirty minutes or longer, never getting tired of it. 

Now, the first thing she does when we put her in the crib in the mornings or evenings is grab a hold of the rails and pull up. She no longer needs mommy to stand by her side or give her a helping hand. If there is a stool, a cabinet, a table, a chair, a dog, a stair or a knee she’ll find a way to pull herself up!

She is so strong. It’s so funny to watch her stand. She is either standing on her tip-toes or rocking back on her heels, but never standing flat footed. She is growing and developing so fast. I know it’s just a matter of time before her standing turns into tiny steps and then those wobbly  steps  turn into a steady fast run . Until then, I’ll be soaking up every minute of her tiny journeys and enjoying all the wonderful things motherhood has opened my eyes to!

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