Friday, February 22, 2013

Pucker up!

I literally can’t get enough of Isla’s sweet cheeks and rolls. Since she came into this world, she has been receiving non-stop smooches from me. Lately, I have been working with her to teach her what a kiss is and get her to show love. Last month, she started to lay her head over on my shoulder or chest and squeeze me with her tiny arms. Oh how I savor these baby hugs. 

Yesterday, while waiting in the doctor’s office, Isla leaned over, grabbed my face and moved in for a big wet kiss. She then proceeded to give me several more smooches with her little lips puckered so sweetly. Joel thought it was the cutest thing ever. I asked Isla, “Can you give Dada a kiss too?” and sure enough, she leaned over and gave Dada a big loving baby kiss.

At daycare, her teacher told us how loving she has been towards the other babies. She kisses her friend Samantha on the forehead and pats the other babies’ backs.  

I love how quickly she catches on to things and just how loving she is. She is too sweet for words! I’m looking forward to sharing many more kisses and loving moments with my sweet baby girl…

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