Monday, March 11, 2013

9 Months Challenges & Happenings

Nine months has proven to be the most challenging month yet! Lots of milestones being hit this month.

Teething - Isla is finally getting some teeth! Her two bottom teeth are working through slowly, but surely. The bottom right tooth has already cut through and its just a matter of time before the pearly white on the left side pokes through. I can also see signs of the top two teeth. I think her teeth are going to come in slowly though. I thought for sure the bottom ones would be in last weekend, but her little gums kept swelling back over them. She has been a little more fussy than normal lately, but it's hard to tell if that's from teething, her cold, shots or the separation anxiety she has been going through.

Sick - Since we've started daycare we've all pretty much kept a cold, especially me and Isla. Its like a vicious cycle. I think we've all managed to be well maybe a total of 2 weeks since January. Its frustrating, but hopefully by this time next year our immune systems will be a lot stronger. Its also been frustrating for me because there is very little medicines I can actually take and it seems each time I get a cold, I wind up with a sinus infection. Isla and I have both been through several rounds of antibiotics. Needless to say, we are ready for cold season to be behind us. For the most part, Isla deals with her colds very well. Even when we all had the flu in January, she was smiling and Joel and I both felt miserable. It amazes me how resilient she is! Most recently, the cold we've had has been a little harder on both of us. She has wanted me to hold her through the night. She lays over on my chest and moans like she is in pain. Makes my heart melt! I feel so bad for her. Every time I get her to sleep, I end up coughing and waking her up. Its been frustrating for all of us, but we are hoping the worst is over.

Shots - For the most part, Isla has done very well with all her shots. She has only been fussy at four months and then over the weekend after her nine months shots. For some reason, she the Hep B. shots seem to make her fussy. Luckily, this was her last round and she only had to have one shot this time.

Separation Anxiety - For the past two weeks, Isla has really wanted her momma! I knew this phase was quickly approaching and boy, has it been hard! She cries for me when we leave her at daycare or after lunch and if she is upset through the night, she only wants me. It makes it so hard to leave her and there has definitely been tears shed from both her and I. Its also nerve racking because I get no time to myself. I miss her so much during the day, so of course I want to be with her and love on her as much as possible when we're together, but it's hard to not be able to go take a shower or run to the store without her crying for me.

Disciplining - I had no idea that we would have to start thinking about disciplining this early! I always thought of this coming along at toddler years... but I was wrong! Lately, Isla has been testing the waters. She sees what we will allow and also is starting to understand what "No" means. She will cry to get what she wants and its super hard for me to let her cry, but I keep trying to tell myself...she is okay. I, of course, never want to see or hear her cry... but that is foolish, I know. I'm also extremely tender hearted so the minute she starts crying my instinct is to console her and make it better. But, at the same time, I have to realize sometimes its what is best for her. As much as I don't want her to cry, I also don't want her to throw fits and tantrums. Being a parent is so hard, but I'm learning so much!

Personality - At nine months, Isla's personality really has started shining through. She loves the bigger kids and is a very social baby. She is always busy and loves to explore! She is very curious and likes to investigate things. She loves to laugh and smile. She has a very strong will. She is loving.

At her 9 month well check we learned, her head is growing! Her little peanut head has moved up from 25% to 50%. She is 50% for length and is 27 inches long. For weight, she is 75% and is 20.4lbs!

So much fun and learning with every milestone and month. This has definitely been the best and most challenging time of my life!

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