Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Letters to Isla Rae: Happy 9 Months!

Dear Isla Rae,

Happy 9 months sweet girl! Nine months in and nine months out… time is flying by. You are growing and changing so quickly that I feel like I can barely keep up. I try to savor all of our sweet moments together and archive all of these memories, but time is passing by so quickly and it seems every day you do something new! 

I love all of your little Isla-isms. You have the sweetest grin and you flash it at all the appropriate times. You love when I ask you questions and pause for your response. You’ll raise your little eyebrows and bat your eyes at me. I can only imagine what you are thinking. 

At nine months, you are starting to talk more. You LOVE saying “dada” and say it all the time. Occasionally, we’ll hear you say “mmmama”, but mostly it’s Daddy that wins out. I just love to hear your sweet voice. You have also said ball, eyes, doggie and Isla. You say your name often and it’s so funny to hear because you always say it in a deeper voice than normal.

You are busy. You don’t want to be held and cradled any longer. Now that you are mobile, you want to be on the go non-stop. You love crawling and pulling up. You will pull up on everything. You also have started playing on your knees. You are not one to just sit and play… got to be moving and grooving.

You love music. You love to clap to the beats and dance with me. You also like it when I sing. Gone are the days of silence in the car or listening to the radio. Now, we sing songs and clap as we ride along and you love it. Your little eyes light up every time. It also calms you down if I’m not in the back seat with you. Your favorite is “Old McDonald” and “If Your Happy and You Know It”. You also really like to listen to classical music when you sleep. You will be fighting sleep so hard and the minute I turn piano tunes on, you calm right down and drift to sleep.

Your pincer grabber skills are getting good! I love to watch you feed yourself. You take your pointer finger and make a hook to pick up the piece of banana and then hook it in your cheeks. It’s so cute! We’ve made it through all the veggies and fruits and starting to move to more table food. You make such a mess, but it’s always fun. 

Still no teeth, but they are coming! Your bottom two are shining through so I know it’s just a matter of time before the cut through. So far, you’ve done pretty well with teething. You’ve been a little fussy, but that’s understandable. 

Lately, your sleep has been off. You are back to waking up every couple hours. I’m not sure if it’s the teething or just because you are learning and growing so much. Either way, you’ve always been a challenging sleeper. You and I both have bags under our eyes! I’ve definitely aged more in the past nine months than I did during my other nine years in my twenties. It’s okay though because I know what caused these wrinkles and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

At our last doctor appointment last week, you weighed 19.4lbs. You are still wearing 6-9months clothes, but can easily wear 12mo too. We just roll up the sleeves. Your thighs are still chunky and they are one of my favorite things! I love your sweet rolls. You are so adorable. Your hair is growing a lot and really getting thick! I love it when you wake up with it sticking out everywhere in the mornings. It’s so sweet to see you have bed head hair (your dad’s hair is always like this too). 

At school, you love playing with the big kids. You have really always loved the older kids. You love your cousin Macie. She can always make you laugh. A little girl, Layla, who is about 3 years old, pretends like she is your mommy at school. Each morning when we drop you off, she is there waiting for you. Sometimes I will stand there for a few moments to watch you two playing together. It’s so precious to watch you growing and becoming a little girl. 

These past 18months, carrying you inside and outside of me, have been the best, most life changing and meaningful months of my life. You have shown me a love like I have never known before. When we are a part my heart aches for you and I strive to be better every single day for you and your dad. Thank you for bringing me such incredible, indescribable joy. I love you so much sweet girl!


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