Saturday, October 13, 2012

Letters to Isla Rae

Dear Isla,

We have been busy busy bees lately! Our lives have definitely picked up speed since I started back working.

My days are busier than ever and you have been busy growing! My how much you grow and change every single week.

You've been spending the days with your cousins since I'm back at work. You love them so much. You smile and laugh at Macie. She loves making silly faces at you and getting you to laugh. Emery says you are "berry special" to her. We are so thankful for your Auntie Alexas. She takes such good care of you while we are away. Mommy wishes she could be with you all day every day.

This week you have really took interest in feeling things. You have started rubbing daddy's beard, pulling my hair and love to rub our shirts. Its so amazing to see the curious faces you make and to see your eyes light up when you discover something new. You raise your tiny eyebrows up and smile so sweetly.

Your laughs and cries have started to change too. You have become quiet the giggle box recently. You laugh before I even tickle you now. Your giggles and squeals are so cute. Your cries have changed too. You've lost your newborn cry and replaced it with a much louder one. You don't cry too much these days (except if you are in the car seat) and if you do cry its always for a reason. Most of the time its due to gas pains or sleepiness, but you are a good baby.

You are growing off the charts. Seems every day it gets a little harder to diaper you because of all those rolls. You are so beautiful.

I'll never be able to explain to you how much I love you and how deeply I care for you. When you have your own baby one day...then you'll see. I never fully understood my mother's unconditional love for me or God's love for us until I had you. It's breathtaking.


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