Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nugget love!

I can't even begin to describe how much I miss Isla during the days. I count down the minutes until we're home together again. The daily commute has been tiring on all of us.

Once we're home, I only have a handful of minutes until she is ready for bed. Luckily, this week, even though I've been extremely tired from the lack of sleep, we've been able to wake up earlier and have more time together in the mornings. She is always so happy in the morning. I love waking up beside her smiling face everyday.

She has become so loving, cuddly and snugly. In the mornings, she grabs my face and smooches hers against mine. She takes her soft hand and rubs my cheeks and pats me. I love that she is so loving.

When I hold her now, she holds me back. She wraps her chubby baby arms around my neck and its the sweetest feeling. Though our time together is a lot shorter than before, I make every single minute count and God continues to bless us with precious moments together.

Look at my growing baby. Sweetest smile in the world to mommy.

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