Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My little mini-me: Teaching in ways that glorify God

Lately, Isla has been mimicking everything I do. If I smack my lips together, she smacks hers. If say "ohhh" she says it back. It got me thinking about all the things I do and say in my every day life. I started questioning myself... Would I want Isla to say that? Would I want Isla to do that?

I've really been trying to glorify God in everything I do lately. Remembering Him before I speak, Thanking Him constantly, Praising Him in All things and situations, Asking for Forgiveness, Giving myself to Him and His Will. I'm normally quick to react, but in order for me to glorify Him, I need to slow down and think about my reactions beforehand.

Isla is my little mini-me and I want her to always act in ways that glorify Him. I love teaching her new things and watching her copy me. I just need to remember as she gets older, she will be copying EVERYTHING I do. Which means, EVERYTHING I do needs to always be an act of grace.

Being a parent makes you reflect and look inward so much. I realize now that the things I do and my well being is not only a reflection of me, but a reflection of family, mothers and Christians. It's important to realize that being a mother or parent means that you are also a teacher and a leader to your children.

When I was growing up I used to always play like I was a teacher. I would line my stuffed animals up and teach class. I would mark their name on the board if they were too chatty (much like I was growing up) and give them homework assignments. While I didn't grow up to be a teacher in a classroom, I am a teacher every day, hour and minute of my life now with the one goal to teach and grow my children in a way that always glorifies God.

Mommy's little mini me.

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